Monday, April 28, 2014

How Do I Keep My Family Safe in an Overnight Tornado?

There is a real chance of overnight tornadoes tonight. People often ask me how they should keep themselves and their families safe. Here are some suggestions:

I, personally, want two or more ways of getting the warning. So, here are some ideas:
  • NOAA Weather Radio, preferably with your county (and, maybe one county to the west) programmed in and set to go off only for a tornado warning. That way, you aren't awakened by severe thunderstorm warnings or non-pertinent counties.
  • Subscribe to WeatherCall. This is more precise than weather radios so you are even less likely to be awakened for a false alarm. 
  • Put the AccuWeather app on your cell phone. It will let you know if a watch, etc., is issued.
  • If you live in an area with tornado sirens, crack your window so you might hear it better during the night.
Or, you can just sleep in the basement or safe room. 

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