Tornado Warning for Birmingham & Jefferson Co.

11:45pm. Tornado warning has expired. There is still some weak circulation near Homewood and just north of downtown Birmingham. People in Mountain Brook and Tarrant should keep an eye on the storm for the next few minutes and take shelter if it appears threatening.  Considerable damage and injuries reported in Bessemer. Last update. 

11:31pm, latest position circled. Damage confirmed. Take cover throughout Birmingham Metro!

11:19pm, classic "hook echo" (arrow) near Bessemer moving toward Birmingham.

11:10PM dual-polarization radar shows debris lofted high into the atmosphere by the tornado (circle) as it moves northeast toward Birmingham.

Very dangerous nighttime tornado situation. I have indicated both the hook echo (arrow) and the rotation (circle) which shows a strong tornado. Take cover immediately, including the city of Birmingham. 


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