Outlook: 10pm to 8am

Radar at 9:30pm shows severe thunderstorms moving NNE that have large hail.

The orange rectangle is the area where I believe thunderstorms with large hail may develop later on during the night. While the risk is low, I can't completely rule out a tornado. Thus it is a good idea to have a weather radio, crack your window so you can hear a tornado siren and/or have a cell phone app that will alarm if a warning is issued. It is better to have at least two of these.

The forecast radar at 5am shows strong thunderstorms developing in central Kansas (don't take these positions as exact) ahead of an usually strong low pressure system in the upper atmosphere (gray line from western Kansas to eastern Texas Panhandle).

At 8am, the radar shows thunderstorms in eastern Kansas that might have hail. Of more importance is strong storms developing in southeast Oklahoma to near the Metroplex. It is possible that tornadoes may start Sunday morning near the Ark-La-Tex and they are a near certainty later in the day.
The storms in Kansas and Nebraska at 8am will move out and weaken with a second area of severe thunderstorms forecast in the afternoon. Here is a rough approximation of what the radar will look like at 5pm Sunday.
Dr. Ryan Maue
Tornadoes are possible during this period.

I'll update again in the morning. If you live in these areas Sunday and Sunday night be sure and keep up on the latest weather information.


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