Final Four False Alarm

Just after the UCONN - Florida game ended, ATT Stadium flashed the following, along with an announcement, on the scoreboard:
Only one problem: There was zero weather threat to the stadium and vicinity. 

Here is a radar image from the time they put the message on the scoreboard (stadium at red square). The storms were moving the direction of the yellow arrow. 
If the radar does not convince you, here is a shot from the blimp about 15 minutes later:
Blimps are highly vulnerable to thunderstorms -- it would have gotten out of the area pronto if there was any threat of lightning or hail. 

False alarms cause people to disregard genuine warnings. Unfortunately, there is a lot of bad meteorology out there. AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions is the leader in the field of business-to-business meteorology and protects hundreds of venues across the USA. 


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