Showtime, a cable channel, is premiering a series on global warming Sunday evening called "Years of Living Dangerously." It is produced by noted climatologists Arnold Schwartzenegger (former weight lifter) and James Cameron (director of Titantic -- which would not have sunk in today's climate with fewer icebergs on its route).
I have no doubt it will be as accurate a picture of global warming as its programming lead-in, Californication, is of the process of writing a book.

Screen capture from trailer. 'Scientist' Don Cheadle discussing the drought.
Note the phony brown tint added to the video shot during obviously light winds. 
I've already seen a trailer that references the current drought in Texas and California. That drought is actually evidence the climate has not changed. How do I know? Every odd-numbered decade there is a drought in the western half of the U.S. We know this going back to the late 19th Century.

Here is the most recent Palmer Drought Index. There is an extreme drought in California that will probably get a bit worse before it gets better. Texas had some slight improvement the past week.

Now, if there was some giant change for the worse in U.S. climate, this would be the largest, worst drought, right? Compare for yourself. Here's the 90's drought:

Here's the 70's drought:

Here's the 50's drought:

Here's the 30's drought:
It would actually be an indication of climate change is there wasn't a drought in the West this decade!

Now, I guarantee you that the current drought in Texas and California will not be presented in this scientifically factual manner. It is will be presented as some type of drought that has never occurred before complete with special effects to make it appear worse than it actually is. 

I do not expect the rest of the 'science' to be any more accurate than the drought portrayal in their trailers. 

If you want to make a much better use of that time, I highly recommend the Oscar-winning The Year of Living Dangerously starring Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hunt and Mel Gibson.


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