The Perils of Technology (bumped)

I also find myself "Porky-Pigging It." This video is right on the money.

UPDATE: 6PM Monday. Just saw this article in the Wall Street Journal that states:

NTSB investigators and others view the high-profile crash as a prime example of a trend some have dubbed "automation addiction," which safety experts believe poses the greatest hazards to airline passengers world-wide.
Advances in cockpit automation over the decades have contributed greatly to making flying safer than ever in the U.S. and globally. But various studies have shown that both manual flying skills and situational awareness in the cockpit tend to erode as airline pilots depend more extensively on computerized flight-control systems. When those built-in safeguards suddenly malfunction or switch off, according to experts, startled or confused crews may react improperly.
It is a major issue. At AccuWeather, we have designed the systems so our meteorologists must make the final decision to issue or not issue a warning. Our goal is to keep our meteorologists involved and sharp at all times.


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