People Who Die in Fires: No Working Smoke Alarms

From the Wichita Eagle:

Wichita has suffered 52 fire deaths since 2006, and in most of those incidents, a smoke alarm was present.
The problem is, in most of the cases, the smoke alarm wasn’t working, Wichita Fire Department data shows. At least investigators couldn’t verify through witnesses that it had activated. Because fire alarms can survive fairly far into a fire, firefighters can sometimes tell if the alarm activated because they can hear it when they arrive, Fire Marshal Brad Crisp said.

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I can't imagine that Wichita is much different than other cities. Have you checked yours lately?


  1. Having a carbon monoxide alarm is very important also. We have 2 that plug-in and one battery powered.

    We have hard wired smoke alarms on both floors, and when one goes off, so does the other. Every bedroom, the family rooms and kitchen all have battery powered smoke detectors.

  2. you are right mike because if our smoke alarmm is not working then we need to repair to that we don't should take any risk for our life.


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