What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Ann Heisenfelt / Associated Press
The above photo is of 'environmentalists' protesting global warming in front of the White House earlier today. I find it amusing they are wearing hats, coats, and gloves and they, as usual, are littering the sidewalk with plastic bottles.

Lest you think I'm being too harsh since there is only one bottle in the above photo, take a look at this photo from a global warming protest (involving a number of the same people) in front of the White House last summer. The police took away the activists; the plastic bottles remained.

Today, Dr. James Hansen of NASA was arrested (arrow), last summer Dr. James Hansen was arrested.
last summer
Actress Daryl Hannah was arrested last summer and again today. There were a number of other repeats. According to news reports, there were a total of 48 protestors. So, how does the media treat the story of this group of 48 habitual activists in front of the White House?

And, the President wasn't there:
Obama was not at the White House during the demonstration; he was speaking about strengthening American manufacturing at a factory in Asheville, North Carolina.
Environment News Service (http://s.tt/1zLbl)

Okay, let's sum up this story:
  • In a nation of 314 million, 48 habitual protestors = "tons."
  • The protest was held in front of the White House to get the President to veto the Keystone XL pipeline but the President wasn't home. 
  • The protestors had to get bundled up in coats, hats, and gloves to tell us earth's temperatures are too warm.
  • They think so much of the environment, that every time they perform this stunt, they litter the sidewalk with plastic water bottles.
Sounds about right to me. That is our environmental news of the day. 


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