The Size of Recovery From the Blizzard

Update 8:50pm EST:
Patrick Marsh just tweeted the population of the two snowfall forecasts:
  • Population expecting 18" or more:  13 million
  • Population expecting 12" or more: 21 million

Original Posting:

Patrick Marsh and Greg Carbin put together this map of population density (red and black thickest, and blue, least densely populated) in areas where 18 inches or more of snow is expected to fall.

Below is the 12" or more population which includes most all of NYC.
If I am correct about power failures, then power will be out in some areas two weeks or more because of the huge number of people involved.

Here is a map from the NWS with a high-resolution snowfall forecast (hat tip: Gina Eosco):
click to enlarge
CNN just tweeted that 3,300 flights have been cancelled tomorrow. 8:20pm EST.


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