Jersey Boys Wichita: Boffo!

Kathleen and I just returned from watching Jersey Boys here in Wichita at Century II. I was thrilled with the performance and can tell you it is every bit as good as you will see on Broadway.

It was the ninth time I have seen the show: New York with the original cast, in Las Vegas, and in Kansas City as well as Wichita. The blending of voices to recreate the Four Seasons' harmonies was superb. Brandon Andrus' Nick Massi was the very best performance of that role that I have seen.

If you have not seen the show, this is a great chance. Because the Super Bowl is Sunday evening every ticket to that performance is $47! You can purchase tickets here. Jersey Boys ends its Wichita run on February 10. Do not miss it.

ADDITION: The Wichita Eagle just posted its review on line. It is here.


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