Inside Southern Mississippi Dorm as Tornado Approaches

This video was taken by a heroic resident advisor: Lucas Gandy. He did exactly what he needed to do  and got his charges to safety before the tornado struck the building.

Some things to keep in mind as you view the video. There was only one "tornado warning" -- he was referring to siren activations.

Do not use the elevator in a tornado warning. Power could go out and you would be stuck. If the building is hit and the shaft bent, you could be trapped for a day or more!

There are several laggards when he makes the rounds a second time. Move to shelter immediately in a tornado warning!

Stay away from windows and glassed-in areas. This lady is in danger if debris flying at 200 mph comes through the window in the background.

Very smart! No one taking shelter in hallway with doors opening to the outside.

Also very smart. Taking shelter in an interior hallway. No windows.

This is a story of almost everything done correctly. Please view it as the 2013 tornado season has only just begun.


  1. It says video is private dangit.

  2. Sorry, it was public when I posted it. I have contacted the photographer.

  3. Since the video was on campus in a dorm (not a public place) and taken by a university employee, it was unfortunately a violation of FERPA. My guess is the university caught on to this and ordered the video closed.
    The photos might also be a violation of the university's media policy (the video definitely was). Might be a good idea to take down the first photo at least, where a specific student is clearly identifiable.


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