Double Blizzard Update

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Above is AccuWeather Regional Radar at 7:30pm EST. Darker blues = heavier rates of snow. It is now snowing heavily -- some cases extremely heavily -- along and just north of I-95 from just northeast of NYC to Boston. Winds are now gusting up to 60 mph in eastern Massachusetts.  There is little left to say about the Northeast Blizzard that hasn't already been said. Time to hunker down for the night.

Meanwhile, the highly unusual situation of a second blizzard east of the Rockies is playing out. The area of the blizzard watch (light green) has expanded greatly since this morning (scroll down).
Pink is current winter storm warnings and blue is winter storm watches.

Below is a forecast of snowfalls with as much as 18-20" in a few spots. With winds gusting as high as 40 to 45 mph late Saturday night and Sunday in this region, travel will be impossible.
Click to enlarge. WeatherBell models. 


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