Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thunderstorm Outlook Later Today and Friday

Update 1pm CDT Thursday: Major weather-related delays at Atlanta, Baltimore, Reagan, Dulles, and JFK. Thunderstorms are less than an hour away from affecting Philadelphia.  Thunderstorms developing in east central Pennsylvania may affect the other NYC airports in about 90 minutes.

Radar map below is from 12: 52pm CDT.


As of 8am CDT, there are no airports with weather-related delays. That will likely change this afternoon.

Current radar:

For this afternoon and tonight:
The busiest air routes in the U.S. go through northern Ohio, so widespread thunderstorms in that area are sufficient for at least some flights to be delayed. If thunderstorms develop at either O'Hare or Detroit (on the edge of the 15% probabilities) then things will deteriorate. Delays are likely at the mini-hubs of Cleveland and Cincinnati.

For tomorrow:
The New York airports, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dulles, Reagan, Charlotte and Atlanta. This could turn into a real mess.

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