Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Funny, Except This is Real

Real meteorologists are boring. We are so boring that, after the American Meteorological Society held its annual meeting in Reno we were asked not to come back! Why? We hardly spent any money on the -- err -- "attractions" in the gambling, no lavish dinners, few shows, etc.

So, this show will probably be about as exciting as watching paint dry.
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  1. What is next? Moving electrons with Electrical Engineers? Watch as EE's place their digits onto ergonomically contoured interface devices drawing nodes and placing components dynamically on an ORCAD schematic layout. Relish the delight of circuit board layout in a mixed signal application. Watch as hands on diagnostics are performed on individual systems.

    Sounds like a good show to me ;-).

    (P.S. Wordpress's interface sucks and I even have an account!)


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