Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mike's Fall Schedule

My job as marketing director for the nation's leading extreme weather expert, Mike Smith, is a whirlwind of activity. (That pun was intended!) Spring and summer kept us busy with the release of Mike's new book on the Joplin tornado, When the Sirens Were Silent. We had the book tour in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri, personal appearances for Mike on television and radio, speaking engagements, storm chasing, the 5th anniversary of Greensburg, the one year anniversary of Joplin,book signings and lots of travel. And believe me when I tell you that Mike knows where every Sonic is west of the Mississippi.

We are looking forward to our Fall schedule of speaking engagements which includes Old Town Rotary in Wichita on September 10, Life Ventures Club at East Heights Methodist Church in Wichita on September 11, The Retired Military Officers Club at Rolling Hills Country Club on September 16,
The Bombardier Safety Standdown North American  at the Grand Hyatt in Wichita on October 11, the Overland Park Rotary Club on October 15, and the National Weather Festival in Norman on November 3.

We have our MSE Winter calendar starting to fill up for 2013 and if you would like for Mike to forecast success for your next conference or event please visit our website for more information.

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