Friday, August 3, 2012

Critical Fire Situation in Central Oklahoma

5:30pm Update: Weather satellite from 5:17pm. Grady county's fire is on the left, the fire near Norman on the right.

The Grady Co. fire (southwestern circle on the map) is completely out of control.

UPDATE: 5pm Friday. From Patrick Marsh via Facebook, the fire southeast of Norman. One hundred to 150 people are being evacuated.
The white cloud at the top is a "pyrocumulus."

Original posting:

Awful situation, several wildfires so large their smoke plumes are visible on radar. The worst seems to be the first between Noble and Etowah in Cleveland Co., southeast of Norman.
Smoke plumes. Click to enlarge. 
Current temperatures, as revealed by the Oklahoma Mesonetwork, are at record levels. Norman and Oklahoma City are 110° with slightly higher temperatures near the fires in Grady and Canadian Counties (that smoke plume is diffuse and not circled on the radar graphic). 
Can you imagine being a firefighter and trying to battle these blazes in their heavy gear with temperatures of 109-112°?!

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