Monday, April 30, 2012

Tornado & Severe Thunderstorm Update

Pronounced hook echo near Joy, heading in the direction of Greensburg at 6:39.
UPDATE 6:40pm.
Three areas of Rotation indicated by arrows. 
The southeast most area is why a new tornado warning has been
issued as far east as Pratt Co.
Rotation output at 6:34pm.

People farther east across southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma should closely
monitor the weather the rest of the evening. This advice includes
Wichita, Hutchinson and Enid.

Unfortunately, I have to cease blogging for the evening. Keep and eye on the storms in 
southern Kansas throughout the rest of the evening!

UPDATE AT 6:36pm: Tornado warning for Greensburg and Kiowa County.
New tornado warning farther south for Protection, Coldwater and Buttermilk. 

AccuWeather regional radar shows a strong cluster of thunderstorms from near Dodge City into the Gyp Hills of south central Kansas. They are moving and growing toward the ENE and NE. A tornado warning (purple polygon) is in effect northeast of Dodge City.
A hook echo may be forming WSW of Greensburg. Residents of Greensburg and Kiowa Co. should monitor this storm as it approaches.

Note: Last blog entry for the evening.

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