Saturday, April 21, 2012

CSI: Meteorology, The Fake Wichita Hailstone

The photo below was posted on Facebook purportedly the largest hailstone in history that supposedly fell in Wichita during the tornado Saturday night. But, was it real?

Since large hail generally falls to the "left" of a tornado's path, any large hail in Wichita last Saturday night would have fallen at my house. We had a couple very small stones hit. And, it would have hit densely populated east Wichita, Eastborough, and other areas. In all of these areas, there were no reports of similarly sized hail.

The chance that this "record" hail stone, that supposedly fell in Wichita (posted on Facebook), is real is nearly zero!

If you wish read all of evidence against it, click here. And, be sure to scroll down to the end of Brad's posting for the end of the story!

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