Monday, April 23, 2012

Appalachian Snow Storm Update

Look how the snow is sticking to the trees and other objects. With winds to gust to 25-30 mph later today, power failures are likely.
Photo by Chuck Boyer, Greensburg, PA
From AccuWeather: Snow reports: 10" at Laurel Summit, PA & Newfield, NY

AccuWeather Regional Radar shows where the snow is falling:

Look for power failures in the areas of heavy, wet snow.

LATE UPDATE: From AccuWeather's Henry Margusity, more than 10,000 homes and business in PA are without power.

UPDATE 8:09pm CDT: From friend Chuck Boyer:  Power flashed once, noticed a lot of limbs down on my way to the office. Snow/rain line is a few miles west of my home. At office - 5 miles west - just a dusting. 10 miles east - six inches and counting and that was two hrs. ago (Laurel Ridge)

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