Sunday, April 22, 2012

Late Season Snow Storm Threaten Power Failures

This weather cam photo from WTAE TV, Pittsburgh, shows the trees leafed out.

Why is that important?

Because heavy, wet snow will bring limbs down and will cause power failures.
The pink areas are winter storm warnings. Blue is winter storm watches. Greens are various flood watches.

If you are in an area with a winter storm watch/warning and the trees are leafed out, be prepared for power failures.

One thing I recommend is what I call the "poor man's generator" known as a power inverter. While not as robust as a generator, it lacks a generator's downsides. Here's what to do:
This inverter is $45 at Radio Shack.

  • Go to Radio Shack and explain what you want to power with your inverter (if you need to keep a refrigerator going to keep insulin cool, for example, you'll want a bigger inverter than the one above). Also, get an extension cord long enough to reach what you wish to power.
  • Fill your car's tank on the way home.
  • If your power fails, open your garage door to dissipate fumes. 
  • Start your car and plug the inverter into your cigarette lighter.
  • Run the applicable appliance(s) when needed. 
AccuWeather agrees with me that people could be without power for days. Time to prepare is now!

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