Sunday, April 29, 2012

Noted Climate Scientist Tim McCarver Opines on Home Runs and Global Warming

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Noted 'climate scientist' Tim McCarver, former MLB catcher, opined during yesterday's Fox Sports broadcast of the Cardinals' game that climate change was causing more home runs and that climate change had help two balls fly out of the park during yesterday's game.

As usual with these types of comments, McCarver was mistaking weather for climate. Shortly after the game, violent winds struck the ballpark, collapsing a tent. One person was killed and 120 injured. Details from KMOV TV here.

Too often, we unnecessarily lose lives due to weather in the United States. We would be far better off diverting some of the excessive funding of global warming studies into making sure our weather warning system is as robust as it can reasonably be. 

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  1. McCarver didn't even pronounce "climatic" correctly. He said "climactic", which means something completely different. Exactly how a change making the air thinner could be reaching a climax now is unclear. But the things sportscasters say don't have to make sense or be grammatically correct.

    He feels free to opine on something of which he is so obviously ignorant because the edu-info-tainment community has accepted The Consensus™ as an article of faith, wisdom revealed ex cathedra by Authority. The woeful state of education is such that none of them recognizes an argumentum ad verecundiam fallacy even when they mindlessly repeat it.


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