Today's Tornado Threat

The Midwest is in line for possible tornadoes today. The outlook from the Storm Prediction Center is below with 5% the threshold for starting to pay attention:
This includes Indianapolis, Dayton, Cincinnati and Louisville.

There is also the possibility of hail 2" in diameter or large in the hatched area with probability of 1" or more diameter hail the underlying numbers.

So, if you are in Dayton with a 30% probability it means there is a one in three chance of hail 1" or larger falling within 25 mi. of your home or business. Given the possibility of even large hail (hatched), I recommend you put your car in the garage along with anything else that cloud be damaged by large hail. Finally, very strong thunderstorm winds may occur in these areas.

AccuWeather has details of how the extreme heat in the Plains is helping set up these storms.

I just wrapped up an AccuWeather B2B weather risk mitigation seminar in Cincinnati and will be driving to Indy this afternoon for the seminar I'm giving there in the morning. If I see anything of interest I'll Tweet at @usweatherexpert.


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