"Convenient" Date; Inconvenient Facts

Al Gore is at it again. This time, his brand of alarmism is "Climate Reality." It claims the recent tornadoes, floods, droughts, hurricanes, heat, cold, and acne (OK, I made that one up) are due to "global warming."

And, guess what: There is yet another (yawn) 'worldwide' 24 hours, all-time zone event scheduled for September 14. What is special about September 14? Nothing, except statistically there is a high probability of a hurricane or tropical storm in the vicinity of the United States. So, there will be a "convenient" storm (if the odds play out) that Gore can blame on "climate chaos."

Of course, when Gore called it 'global warming' they used to have these events in the summer in Washington, D.C. so there would be an excellent chance of hot, humid weather. They would even turn off the air conditioning so the witnesses would be sweating. It made "better television."

There is a 100% chance the media will uncritically hype this event for Gore. Just remember that if a hurricane occurs, you heard it here first.

Gore is doing this, I believe, because he realizes he is losing the battle. Inconveniently, this was published today,

Only 44 percent say they "believe the theory" that carbon dioxide emissions are warming the Earth, down from 51 percent in 2009 and 71 percent in 2007, but most movement has been into the "not sure" column.

Actually, carbon dioxide moderates the earth's climate and keeps it warmer than it would be if there was no CO2 in the atmosphere (think the moon's extreme climate). Additional amounts of CO2, due tend to hold temperatures up, but not nearly as much (in my opinion) as Gore and company believe.


  1. Maybe the Al Gore effect will happen once again and we will have unseasonable cool on that day. I'd invite Al to my house if I thought it would help cool it off a bit.


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