Full Length Version, "Big Bang Theory" Theme Song

Kathleen and I look forward to each new episode of the "Big Bang Theory." I especially like it because I went to school with people just like Sheldon and his gang. In fact, I have to admit there was a time that, as a member of the University of Oklahoma's Engineer's Club, I thought young ladies would be impressed with the size of the slide rule I had attached to my belt.

I think the theme from BBT is very clever. There is the full version from the Bare Naked Ladies:

And, yes, I still have the slide rule upstairs in the Mike Smith Enterprises office. 


  1. I've watched the first season on DVD and loved it. I plan to watch more one of these days.

  2. Hey Mike, what Radar app do you use for your iPhone or iPad, whatever you are using.???


  3. I use the AccuWeather app.

    If I am storm chasing needing more technical data, I use RadarScope.

    Both are excellent.


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