Tropical Storm Don: Just What the Doctor Ordered?

AccuWeather has details on Tropical Storm Don which is likely to move into Texas Friday evening. Don is likely to cause heavy rain, which is desperately needed, in south Texas. Wind speeds will probably not be high enough to cause major damage.

Speaking of the heat and drought, have you noticed that when NYC and D.C. were above 100° last week it led the national news? Now, while much of the central and southern U.S. continue to broil, it is off the front pages. But, the effects of the drought and heat in the central U.S. will likely be more significant than the heat in the East.
Wichita Eagle photo of Harper Co., Kansas cornfield.
Photo by Fernando Salazar
I have driven, extensively, in Kansas, southeast Nebraska, and along the I-35 corridor in Oklahoma south to Dallas. I've never seen the crops in worse shape to the south of I-70. It is likely the drought will bring higher food prices.

And, at the Wichita airport, a partial failure of the air conditioning system is keeping things warm. Dress accordingly if you are going to be waiting for a plane there the next few days.


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