Scorching Temperatures in the Southern Plains

These are the high temperatures so far today from the Oklahoma Mesonetwork. I have manually added temperatures in adjacent areas of Kansas and Texas. There are multiple stations in Oklahoma that have already reached 113°F! If this continues, the summer of 2011 will go down as one of the hottest in the history of the southern Plains. Oklahoma City historic temperature data is available here.

UPDATE: 4:15pm. OKC has reached at least 109° which makes it the 6th hottest day in its history. Hat tip: Harold Brooks.

UPDATE 8pm. OKC officially reached 110° a record for the day and the third hottest day in its history.

UPDATE II 6:10pm. Wichita reached 107° which is not a record. The record for today's date is 110° during the awful summer of 1980.


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