Why Would You Trust Scientists That Cannot Read a Graph?

Britain's Hadley Center's (PRO-global warming group) world
temperatures for the last twenty years. There has
been no warming since 1998.

If you want to watch a one hour debate over global warming, it is here:

(I watched the debate so you don't have to)

Interestingly, the pro-global warming advocate, Richard Dennis', arguments are almost entirely "who" believes in global warming (watch for yourself). Lord Monckton's anti-global warming arguments are based on scientific points and discusses the scientific method in climate science. Mr. Dennis is the former science advisor to the Prime Minister.

Lord Monckton is the former science advisor to Margaret Thatcher and has published one global warming paper in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Most tellingly, Mr. Dennis tells us, over and over, global warming "is occurring" (present tense). As I keep pointing out, temperatures have not warmed in over a decade. The graph proving that is at the top of the post.

Mr. Dennis challenges us to "trust" climate science. Exit question:  Why would you trust scientists that cannot read a simple temperature graph?

Apparently the judges, all journalists, agree with me. The judge's score: Monckton (anti-global warming) 10 and Dennis 1. 

No wonder Al Gore will not debate the issue!

Of course, a debate doesn't prove anything. But, as we know, the media (which judged the debate) is hardly skeptical about global warming yet they overwhelming judged anti-global warming as the winning side.

Amazing what happens to people when they are exposed to both sides of the issue.


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