Because We Never Had Rain, Snow, Traffic Jams or Flight Cancellations Before?!

Jennifer Francis is at it again. She is a climate "scientist" who likes to show newspapers' editorial cartoons in scientific meetings. 

Now, according to Jennifer, we are having...
Super-Extreme Weather Events this week as opposed to Super-Duper-Extreme next week and Super-Insane-Duper next month. 🙄

There have been some tweets the last few days about how the recent Super-Extreme storms are "unpredictable." Ask yourself: If you were in the path of one of the recent snow/ice storms, did you know it was coming? Of course you did! "Unpredictable" global warming storms is just nonsense. 

That isn't Big Climate's only nonsense from today. 

And, from a few days ago but updated and re-published today:
These articles -- and more -- occurring at the same is the result of Big Climate's propaganda machine and the pliant media playing along. Nothing more. They've been holding this stuff all winter until some major storms occurred. 

We also just learned that Argentina had the largest wheat crop in its history. Human beings have plenty of food worldwide. There is no "climate crisis."


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