Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Winter Storm Update: 10:25am Tuesday

Updated warning map at 11:15am
Here are the latest NWS warnings, et cetera:
  • Orange is a ground blizzard warning for low visibility. 
  • Pink is a winter storm warning. 
  • Dark turquoise is a winter storm watch.
  • Dark blue is a winter weather advisory (lesser condition). 
  • Turquoise (NW Montana) is a freezing fog warning. 
  • Gray is a dense fog warning. 
  • Gray is a fog warning.
Freezing Rain
The forecasted area where the greatest freeing rain will accumulate has shifted south a bit since yesterday. All areas that receive freezing rain will experience difficult driving conditions. 

There is a risk of power failures. The Sperry-Piltz power failure index breaks out like this:
  • Orange: "Scattered utility interruptions expected, typically lasting 12-24 hours."
  • Red (southeast Missouri): "Numerous utility interruptions with some damage to main feeder lines and equipment expected. Tree limb damage is excessive. Outages lasting 1-5 days. 
Heavy Snow
This hasn't changed much since yesterday. St. Louis will have more snow than expected yesterday. 

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