Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Winter Storm Update - Snow Amounts Increased

I have increased my forecasted snowfall amounts because this looks like one of the most favorable thundersnow situations in years in Kansas and western Missouri. In addition, winds will gust to 40 mph and locally higher, meaning near blizzard conditions are possible. 
Please note: Amounts may be locally higher than these if the thundersnow should linger in a given location. Thunderstorms can cause snowfall rates of up to 4 inches per hour. 

Below is a forecasted wind gust map for 9am Thursday. 
The mustard shades are gusts around 50 mph (may be a bit high). The very pale greens are gusts between 40-48 mph. So, if I'm correct, there is a chance this storm could reach blizzard criteria. 

Snow timing map from AccuWeather.

Forecast radar for 9am Thursday.
Purple = mixed precipitation. Red is freezing rain. Dark blue = very heavy falling snow. 

Here is the NWS's winter storm (blue) and flood (green) watches. Magenta is a fire weather warning. 
The browns are wind advisories. 

The tornado outlook (see posting below) is unchanged. 

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