Review of Winter Storm Forecast

Satellite photo of the snow cover:
The number at upper left from each circle is the temperature. Note how it is colder over the (white) snow cover. 

Below is a map of snow amounts from the recent winter storm
You can see the effects of snow thunderstorms between Wichita and Emporia with the highly variable amounts.

And, below is the forecast of snow amounts. 
Blizzard conditions occurred from Kansas to Illinois which were implicated in the 100-vehicle wreck in Illinois. 
Snow thunderstorms are extremely difficult to forecast and they occurred in multiple locations in Kansas and western Missouri. 

In all, I think you'll agree this was an excellent forecast. I don't write that to boast but to point out that, as recently as the day before (Wednesday), I was receiving comments expressing quite a bit of skepticism pertaining to the snow forecast. Modern meteorology is a wonder of weather science, physics, math, technology and the training + experience of meteorologists. 


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