Updated: We're Doomed!!

We're doomed. We really are. The 'leaders' of the West are so stupid, so unserious. So clueless. Four Five Six Seven examples. 

We'll begin with #6, posted at 2:45pm Sunday. It is a quote from President Joe Biden,

Original posting #1.

Britain's MI6 = America's CIA.

The U.S. Secretary of Defense.

And, Germany is providing the Ukrainian Army combat helmets but will have to stop fighting and go pick them up. 🙄

[Addition: the fifth] Evidently, to Trudeau, Canadian truckers deserve punishment but Russia does not.
These people should be ashamed of themselves!

#7. And then there is the utterly useless Department of Homeland Security. Here is their advice in case Russia lobs a nuclear weapon in our direction. 
So, if a nuke goes off in your town, we need to worry because it will add to the "stress" of COVID. Social distancing? Our government is insane. Utterly insane. 

The people of the Ukraine are fighting for their very lives: women, as well as men. The photo below is four women who had just been trained to use their just-issued rifles to kill Russians. One is crying. 
There aren't enough words to describe the level of cluelessness in the West's "leadership."


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