And, If We Keep Installing Windmills....

Yesterday, I discussed how Big Climate and Democrats really don't want to solve global warming. 

Yesterday, environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg wrote about how ineffective windmills are and how our current course of action is incredibly expensive

What we are doing now is just stupid. There is no other word for it. The only people benefiting are Big Climate and wind and solar manufacturers. Wind and solar energy produce few jobs and they do not pay as well as the traditional energy jobs they replace. 

As climate scientist Dr. Judith Curry puts it:
The biggest risk from a rapid transition away from fossil fuels is arguably an opportunity cost – we are at risk of squandering our resources on effort that may not change the climate in a meaningful way, so that we do not have resources available for better solutions that improve human well-being in both the short and long terms.  Further, we are ignoring other risks that are arguably more important to near-term human well being that could be more productively addressed with the same resources.

This is an election year. Please let your representatives know your position on these issues. 


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