Monday, February 28, 2022

Big Climate DOES NOT Want to Solve Global Warming XXXIV

I can hardly keep up with all of the examples of Big Climate going out of its way to defeat progress pertaining to decarbonization and global warming. Our latest example comes from Florida.
If you read the story, the nuclear power plant had a new license granted to keep it operating until -- you guessed it -- environmental groups intervened. The license renewal is now withdrawn and the process will be started over.

And, it isn't just Florida, environmental groups have gotten the Biden Administration to withdraw a license renewal for a nuke in Pennsylvania.
If President Biden and Big Climate wanted to solve global warming they would not be petitioning to reverse nuclear plant license renewals; instead, they would be expediting the construction of new plants. 
Ex-President Obama has two mansions on the ocean within a few feet of sea level.  Biden's "climate czar" John Kerry travels everywhere in a large private jet. 

Not only are they hypocrites, Big Climate does not want to solve the global warming issue. Period. They want to have the issue for fundraising and other political purposes. 

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