Serious Tornado Risk Later Today

Since we are in a new tornado season, please allow me to interpret this important tornado forecast.

It is covers the time from 6am Saturday to 6am Sunday.

The significant threshold (trust me on this) for tornadoes is the 5% (brown) area. The 10% (yellow) has an enhanced risk of tornadoes. The hatching is where violent tornadoes may occur. Cities at highest risk are: Paducah, Memphis, Little Rock, Pine Bluff and Shreveport.

While I will update the forecast in the late morning, please make sure of the following so you are prepared:
  • You have two independent ways to get a warning (for example, the free AccuWeather app and a local television station whose meteorologist you trust).
  • You know where you will go to take shelter if a tornado warning is issued or if the weather looks frightening in your area. Wear a helmet, hard hat or even cap into the shelter, if possible. 
  • You have a plan for an infirm friend or relative or other person with special needs. 
  • Wear solid shoes into the shelter. If a tornado occurs, you will have to climb out through sharp metal and other hazards.
  • Make sure your cell phone is fully charged, but take any sensitive electronics off chargers before a thunderstorm arrives (lightning can cause damaging power surges). 
There is no reason to worry. Just keep an eye on the weather if you live in the brown or yellow areas. 


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