"World to End Tomorrow: Hillary Most Affected"

There is an old joke that an astronomer discovers the earth is going to be crushed by a giant asteroid in 48-hours. He sends out a press release and the New York Times prints the following headline and subhead:
World To End Tomorrow
Women and Minorities Most Affected

I thought of that joke earlier this evening when I saw this headline.
Climatologist Clinton went on to explain,
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton predicted Monday during a human rights event at Georgetown University that climate change will force women to “bear the brunt of looking for the food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to …”
Such migration won’t be led by men, she maintained, but rather by women “when all of the grass is finally gone as the desertification moves south and you have to keep moving your livestock or your crops are no longer growing.”
Is it just me, or do you have a hard time conjuring up a mental image of Hillary cutting firewood and pushing a plow? How about walking out the back of the Winnebago and concluding that this year's wheat crop is going to be a bust?
Exit Question: Given the importance she attaches to global warming, when is she going to give up her huge private jets?


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