Sunday, February 18, 2018

Now a Word From Our Sponsor

In Case You Have Not Noticed There is 
No Advertising on This Blog Other Than For My Books

It is a great deal of work to create all of this content. So, if you enjoy reading the blog, I know you will enjoy both books.

The Fabius Maximus Website reviewed both of my books in December.  The reviews are here. The  blurbs:
"Exciting and well-written"
If you are looking for  a book to take on spring break, Warnings may be the perfect choice. Just click on the link which will take you to Amazon.

When the Sirens Were Silent is a short, great book to get you ready for tornado season.
"Gripping story"
Sirens is out of print but the e-book is available for the affordable cost of $2.99. Just click here. It is a great book 

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