Tornado Risk Saturday

We are continuing our tradition of highlighting early season (because people are out of the habit of planning for severe weather) and major tornado seasons. With that in mind, there is a significant risk of tornadoes tomorrow in the area outlined. Let me break it down.
In this "day before" outlook, the significant threshold is yellow (15%). It extends from Dallas to Nashville, Jackson, Nashville and Evansville. The area in red (30%) is where very large hail may occur along with tornadoes. The hatching mean that strong tornadoes may occur. This includes Tyler, Little Rock, Vicksburg, and Memphis.

I will update this forecast tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

If you want an excellent, short, book about tornado warnings with complete tornado safety rules, click here.  It is just $2.99 and can be read on a Kindle or just your regular computer.

To clarify: With the introduction of quality storm warning apps, I no longer "live blog" storms. I do not attempt to blog about every storm, just early, major and out-of-season storms.


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