The Chicago Tribune has a story on the cities to visit for the first two rounds of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. It says this about our city:


March 15 and 17
My trip to the most populous city in Kansas was to report a story on the state’s efforts to make teaching creationism* the law, so I didn’t spend much time in sports bars. But it’s the kind of small city that can be perfect for this type of guys trip. Let’s face it. A lot of dudes are simply looking for a comfortable hotel and a sports bar that serves cold beer and chicken wings.
Is there more to do in Wichita? Probably. But if your priorities are the basketball and beery fellowship, this may be a winner.
There is a lot to do in Wichita. And, this column will bring you an insider's guide as soon as the brackets are announced. Stay tuned.

* The creationism kerfuffle was over a decade ago. Nothing happened.


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