Saturday, April 12, 2014

Turn Around, Don't Drown Revisited

On Sunday, I posted five items about the flood threat in the South. The NWS issued timely and accurate flash flood watches and warnings. I am aware that TV stations in the area played up the threat.
In spite of those exhortations, there was a least one fatality and numerous other rescues that had to take place, putting the rescuer's lives in danger.

More than half of flash flood deaths occur when people who are perfectly safe drive into flooded areas. Several times, I have posted this 40-second video showing friend Chris Novy's near-death experience driving into what appeared to be shallow water in an urban area.
If this doesn't convince you that driving into flooded areas is a bad idea, I don't know what will. Chris survived only because his windows cracked when the car dropped onto the concrete-lined culvert.

Why do I bring this up, yet again? It appears the next few days may be very wet in some areas and there could be flash flooding as there was the first of the week.

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