Tornado Watch Until 5pm

The first tornado watch of the day has been issued. Please note there is a "moderate" chance of tornadoes of F-2 or greater intensity.

So far, only severe thunderstorm warnings (yellow polygons) are in effect. Radar from 10:05am.


  1. Wouldn't all morning this rain and cloudiness we are having now in SW MO settle the atmosphere enough (less instability) making it less likely for any supercell development?

  2. Probably not. My research has found that major tornadoes more often occur on days when rain falls in the morning rather than it being dry until the tornadic thunderstorm arrives. Even with the cloud cover the "CAPE" (a measure of atmospheric instability) is quite high -- over 3000 j.

  3. I was hoping for just the opposite of what you wrote. Wishful thinking I guess. Thanks again Mike.


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