Tornado Warning Denton Co. Until 6:30pm

6:08pm. Tornado likely rain-wrapped. Continue safety precautions from I-35 on east.
At 6:03pm, the rotation and likely tornado was crossing I-35 in the City of Denton. Giant hail is likely falling just north of the tornado. Radar at 6:02pm. 
The Denton Airport just reported a wind gust of 82 mph!
--- Radar from 5:53pm. Tornado is likely at the location inside purple circle 2 minutes ago. The storm is moving in the direction of the yellow arrows. 

Picture of the funnel cloud and wall cloud via WFAA TV.
--- Take cover, now Denton!

Hook echo moving into the city of Denton with very strong rotational signature on Doppler radar. Radar from 5:51p. Take cover immediately!!
Original Posting:
Denton has already been hit by softball size hail today. Now, a tornado warning is in effect. Take immediate safety precautions. Corinth is also in the path of this storm. Radar from 5:45pm.
Also, a strong thunderstorm is continues to move across southern Tarrant Co. Keep an eye out in that area.


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