Does Big Climate Completely Lack Self-Awareness?

People send me all kinds of press releases wanting me to write about things related to weather and climate. I nearly burst out laughing after seeing this headline:
Is there anyone who believes Americans have not "hear[d] from the media about the climate 'crisis'"?

The issue isn't a lack of communication, it is a lack of bad things happening since 1988 (when James Hansen testified before Congress on a July day with the air conditioning turned off and the windows open) that can be accurately linked to a changing climate.

Remember this posting on this blog?
We talked about the climate "tipping points" going back to 1989 and how these forecasted horrible events did not occur.

Now, think back to this time last year. Remember the headlines?
We were told by Big Climate that this was going to cause the rate of temperature rise -- of course, there hadn't been any rise since 1998 -- to increase. Here is what actually occurred. The yellow arrow is when the concentration of CO2 reached 400ppm.
Temperatures are lower now than they were when carbon dioxide passed 400. Note: In and of itself, this would be of little significance. But, look at the bigger picture back to 1990,
Where is the horrible, skyrocketing temperature rise? It does not exist! Second note: This is the HADCRUT data, the same that is used by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

In spite of what Big Climate believes, people are not gullible. The problem isn't the quantity or quality of climate communications. It is that Big Climate is selling a defective product. 


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