Couldn't Happen to More 'Deserving' Group

I have written, twice, (here and here) about this ridiculous series. Apparently, it is getting the ratings it deserves.
From Anthony Watts….

Multi-million dollar global warming disaster epic ‘Years of Living Dangerously’ beaten in TV ratings by ‘Bob’s Burgers’ reruns

Showtime’s “Years of Living Dangerously” aired Sun, Apr 20, at 10:00 PM and didn’t even make the top 100 cable TV shows this week and was beaten in its time slot by a re-run episode of the animated cartoon Bob’s Burgers. Ouch!
Literally billions have been spent by Big Climate (much of it from our tax dollars) on a loosing battle to fool people into believing global warming is a catastrophic problem. Yale University even has a center for climate change communication to try to devise ways of selling global warming -- I know because they followed me around one day at an American Meteorological Society conference wanting me to help them. They were, shall we say, very determined.

It never seems to occur to Big Climate that the problem isn't the advertising; it is the fact they are selling a defective product -- people have been hearing about dire tipping points for a quarter-century and they can see nothing horrible has happened.


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