Climate Science: A Startling Admission

Well, I give Big Climate some credit for finally admitting they exaggerate the threat posed by global warming. What I don't like is trying to bend the science into a rationale for doing so.

Take a look at the title and abstract of this peer-reviewed paper, Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements.

It appears that news media and some pro-environmental organizations have the tendency to accentuate or even exaggerate the damage caused by climate change. This article provides a rationale for this tendency by using a modified International Environmental Agreement (IEA) model with asymmetric information. We find that the information manipulation has an instrumental value, as it ex post induces more countries to participate in an IEA, which will eventually enhance global welfare.

In other words exaggerating the threat of global warming is justified because it will "eventually enhance global welfare," a/k/a "the ends justify the means."


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