Al Gore Inadvertently Tells the Truth

But Gore cited two “game changers” in recent years that will help. The first is the growing realization from even climate-change deniers that something seems to be strange with the weather. The second is the exponential growth in photovoltaic solar panels, driven largely by consumer demand for lower prices.
The “barriers” to doing something about climate change are business and political interests that profit off of fossil fuels — “dirty energy that causes dirty weather.” He compared fake science from polluters stating that humans are not to blame for the climate to tobacco companies that used to hire actors to play doctors who denied cigarettes were dangerous.
“That’s immoral, unethical and despicable,he said of both.
Notice that at no time does he say the 'deniers' are wrong. He has also never offered anything resembling evidence this conspiracy exists.

I do agree with him about the progress being made by solar energy. The way to cut down on the use of fossil fuels is to come up with reliable, less expensive alternatives.


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