5:30pm, Storm Timing

Steven Locke posted this on Facebook from Overland Park, KS (KC Metro) a few minutes ago:

Here is the forecast radar for 10pm tonight.

Here is the forecast for 7am Sunday:
Keep in mind the purples are sleet and freezing rain. From about McAlester, Ok. and Ft. Smith up to the Ozarks then east to the mouth of the Walbash River (i.e., around Evansville), there will be significant icing that may cause power failures.  Scroll down for advice on preparing.

High temperatures Sunday will be much colder than normal for early March. Wichita is expecting a high of 8°F, Kansas City, 9°, and Des Moines 1°F. With the wind chills, it will be brutally cold.

Also for Sunday is a possibility of tornadoes, damaging thunderstorm winds, and large hail. The significant threshold is 15%. Keep an eye out in these areas.


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