Another 5-Star Review of "Sirens"

A new reader review of When the Sirens Were Silent has been posted at Amazon. It says,

It's a quick read but raises some very good questions about the actions that were or were not taken that fateful day in Joplin's history. It will also bring up points that could well save your life.

Since the government's tornado warning system began in 1957, the Joplin storm is the only tornado to cause a triple-digit death toll (161). A lot went wrong that day, the When the Sirens Were Silent tells this "behind the scenes" story. It also includes vital information on tornado safety for the school, office, and home. The print version sold out months ago but it is available in ebook form for only $2.99 and you can read it on your computer's screen or load the Kindle or Nook version.


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