All You Need to Know About the Personalities in the Global Warming Debate

Cartoons by Josh brilliantly does it again with this diagram showing who is who on the "science" scale and "policy" scale in the global warming debate. I have marked my positions with an arrow and "MS" on both. When you see these names in the paper (not that you see skeptics often, but I can hope), you now have a guide to where they stand.
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CAGW = catastrophic global warming. AGW = human-caused global warming. Skeptics = those that think CO2 traps heat but it is no major issue. GWPF = Global Warming Policy Foundation.

On the science scale, I come in between Steve McIntyre and Anthony Watts and on the policy scale I come to the right as I don't believe there is much we can do to change the weather and, even if we could, there are far more important (and less expensive to fix) environmental problems than global warming. 

Where do you fall on the scales? 


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