From a Resident of Joplin

Joplin friends…it's that time of year again. 
Mike Smith's book is full of good information about tornado season. 
                                                               ---Susan Mertens, Joplin resident

With yesterday's destructive tornadoes in Missouri and the forecast of more many tornadoes next week, the 2014 tornado season is here. When the Sirens Were Silent goes behind the scenes and explains what went horribly wrong on May 22, 2011, causing the loss of 161 lives. In addition to the gripping minute-by-minute account of the tornado, there are lift out pages with the tornado safety rules for home, for work, and for the office.

We priced the ebook (the print version sold out months ago) to be easily affordable at $2.99 and it available from Amazon (Kindle or free online reader) or Barnes & Noble (Nook).

The next time the sirens go off in your neighborhood, you'll be relieved that you read the book and know exactly what to do.


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